Sales & Payment

Burial plots are each $950 plus HST. This price includes a charge of $200.00 for the monument foundation which is pre-installed.

We offer a variety of niches in three different sizes. These are designed to accomodate 2, 3 or 4 urns, depending on the size/style of the urn you choose. Prices range from $1,210 to $4,260 plus HST.

To see the complete price list, please click the following: Price List

Payment Methods

Payment may be by Visa, MasterCard, Debit Card, cheque or Money Order. With these options, and for your protection as well as ours, we are not able to accept cash payments.

Payments Using Debit Card

Most banks issue debit cards with a daily limit. The current limit for Scotiabank clients is $1000, with similar limits for other banks. Most of our sales exceed this amount. If you are planning to use your debit card for your purchase, you should first ensure that your daily limit allows for the required amount.

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