Rules & Regulations

Mission Statement:

It is the principal goal of the Oromocto Pioneer Gardens Cemetery Company Inc. to provide interment and commemorate services in a meaningful and dignified manner, preserve individual and collective history, and honour the heritage of our community. 

  1. All arrangements for interment or inurnment in the cemetery shall be done through Oromocto Pioneer Gardens Cemetery Company Inc. (OPGCCI).  The client and a representative of OPGCCI must complete all arrangements.  Upon completion of a Sales Agreement, an Interment Rights Certificate will be issued to the client within 30 days of the agreement, in compliance with The Cemetery Companies Act of New Brunswick.
  2. No interments are to be made for any reason without the written permission of OPGCCI.
  3. No inurnment will take place without the completed Cremation Certificate, signed by the crematorium and provided to OPGCCI in advance of the inurnment.
  4. In Section A , each plot may contain EITHER one casket and a maximum of two urns containing cremated remains OR a maximum of three urns. In Section C, each plot may contain EITHER a casket and a maximum of two urns OR a maximum of three urns. If a veteran chooses to purchase two burial plots for himself/herself and one other designated person (i.e. spouse), a maximum of one additional urn may be buried in ONE plot only.
  5. Plots in Section C must be purchased by the veteran or his/her designate.  If it is the intent to have two casket burials, two plots must be purchased.  If a spouse or designate passes first, that person cannot be interred without a second plot being purchased for the veteran.
  6. All costs involved in interments or other services provided by the cemetery shall be made through OPGCCI and will be in accordance with Annex A (Price List), attached to these regulations.  A perpetual care fee will be included in the cost for interments and inurnments.
  7. A request for refund must be in writing and be accompanied by the original Interment Rights Certificate. Refunds will be subject to an administration fee, as per our current Price List.
  8. Interment Rights Certificates shall not be resold to a third party. OPGCCI retains ownership of all plots and niches.  Should the purchaser wish to transfer rights back to OPGCCI, or change the location, he/she must contact OPGCCI.  All transfers shall be subject to an administration fee. The original Interment Rights Certificate must be accompanied by a written request.
  9. If interred remains are removed from the cemetery or to another location within the cemetery, the Company reserves the right to regain possession of the plot, to determine the refund value, to offset the cost of removal and to charge any remaining costs.  Any additional charges must be paid in full before any disinterment takes place.  The administration fee will apply.
  10. Disinterments are subject to all local and provincial Health Department requirements.  The Executor or Next of Kin shall make application for a Disinterment Permit to the Province of New Brunswick.  Disinterment fees are outlined in Annex A.  The person making application for the Disinterment Permit accepts all responsibility for the payment of such disinterment.
  11. In the event of a consecration of a plot, such act shall not invest the religious body with any exclusive rights and powers regarding the plot.
  12. All monuments installed shall be constructed of granite, marble and/or bronze.  Monuments must be placed on the concrete foundation (Grade Beam) provided.  These foundations have been pre-installed by OPGCCI.  Regulations regarding monument size and placement are available through OPGCCI and all conditions must be met prior to installation. Generally, any standard monument listed for sale in the catalogues of monument suppliers is acceptable. Monuments that are non-standard in size or materials, or both, require the prior approval of OPGCCI.  All maintenance and installation shall take place during regular hours of business and will normally not be allowed on weekends. Requests for special arrangements will be considered on an individual basis. Veteran markers shall be installed as per Veteran Affairs Canada .Under no circumstances may a monument be erected before all amounts owing to OPGCCI have been paid.
  13. Funeral Directors shall have all contracts for interments in the Cemetery authorized by the owner, executor or heir of the Interment Rights Certificate holder.  A signed form, Order for Interment, issued or approved by OPGCCI will be presented to OPGCCI prior to issuance of a work order.
  14. The cost of opening and closing the grave or niche must be borne by those in charge of arrangements for the deceased with the exception of those who have arranged prepayment.
  15. All work orders shall only be issued on completion/submission of all required documentation within specified time restrictions.  No work shall be undertaken at the cemetery without a work order.
  16. A plan of the Cemetery, showing all assigned and proposed plot locations and niches, shall be available for inspection free of charge, upon request.
  17. Cut flowers, artificial flowers and/or fraternal emblems are permitted when placed in an approved container. Wreaths are permitted when placed on an appropriate tripod stand.  The Caretaker will remove any floral piece, which has become wilted, or any other item, which is, in his/her opinion, unsightly.  Bushes, trees, perennials, annuals and vines are not permitted.  Fences, hedges, curbs or enclosures of any type are not permitted on any burial plot.  These items prevent proper maintenance of the gravesites and shall be removed by the cemetery employees without notice.
  18. In order to protect the safety of employees and visitors, no other items may be placed on or about any gravesite or monument.  Any article placed on plots other than those outlined in #16 above will be removed without notice.
  19. OPGCCI is not responsible for any lost, misplaced, or stolen decorations.  Decorations not within OPGCCI guidelines will be removed.  The cemetery is not responsible for storing or saving any decorations.  All items must be removed prior to the cemetery closing for the winter, normally by 30 November.
  20. Pet burials are not permitted.
  21. There will be no scattering of cremated remains.
  22. Winter in-ground burials will not be considered at the present time.  Inurnment of cremated remains may be considered, weather permitting.
  23. Persons visiting OPGCCI may not:
    1. Pick any flowers, wild or cultivated if not owned by such person.
    2. Destroy, deface or remove any monument, tree, shrub, building, equipment or other object connected to the cemetery or any object for the purpose of honouring the memory of a person interred in the cemetery.
    3. Ride a bicycle, skateboard or other equipment over a grave.
    4. Engage in any game or sport.
    5. Sit, stand on, lean against or perform any other disrespectful act to a monument, grave marker, or gravestone erected for the purpose of the memory of a person or persons interred in the cemetery.  Any person who damages any grave or cemetery property shall be held liable to OPGCCI for such damages, in addition to being guilty of an offense under the law.
  24. No liquor shall be permitted on the grounds, except for religious ceremonies.
  25. No vehicles will be permitted in the cemetery except on the roadways, where the speed limit is set at 20 kph.  ATVs, snowmobiles or other similar vehicles are not permitted on cemetery property, unless requested by the interment rights holder of a plot in conjunction with an interment and prior approval has been provided by OPGCCI.
  26. The Caretaker or designate is authorized to remove from the grounds any person displaying noisy or improper conduct or language, or acting in violation of any of these regulations.
  27. Discharging of firearms is not permitted except in conjunction with a military funeral.
  28. The Field of Honour will be governed by standards set by the OPGCCI and the Last Post Fund (LPF) when that organization has a vested interest in a burial.  Should issues arise that have not been anticipated in the stated standards, the Board reserves the right to make a final decision.  Specific criteria are in place regarding remains to be interred within the Field of Honour.  Please contact OPGCCI for details.
  29. Columbarium Structure Rules: To keep consistency in the look of the columbarium, no bronze plaques or surface-mounted memorials, monuments, flower holders or anything externally- mounted may be placed on the columbarium.  Further to this, nothing may be glued or affixed in any nature to the structure including paper poppies, as this will damage the niche cover finish.  Please contact OPGCCI should you require clarification.
  30. Engraving and Memorialization: The only means of memorialization allowed on the columbarium or columbarium grounds will be the engraving of the cover of the Interment Rights holder’s niche.  This service must be arranged through OPGCCI.  This service may not be contracted directly by the interment rights holder to an outside source.  This is to maintain consistency in the aesthetics of the structure.
  31. The purchase and installation of permanent monuments are the responsibility of the family or estate.  The preservation, improvement, embellishment, and maintenance, in perpetuity and in a proper manner, of plots, monuments columbaria and memorial items or plaques within the confines of the cemetery will result from the provisions of the perpetual care trust fund maintained by OPGCCI.
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