Our History


In recent years it became apparent that the cemeteries in the area were reaching their capacity, and that there was a need for a new cemetery to serve the population of Oromocto and the surrounding area. The Town of Oromocto, through the Mayor, Council and Staff recognized this need and were determined to remedy the problem.

Through our research we have learned a great deal about the operation of a cemetery. We offer our clientele a variety of choices, whether they select traditional burials or cremation, and at prices and payment plans suited to every budget. We have learned that the cremation rate in Canada has been steadily increasing, although not as quickly in this area as elsewhere. That may be because people didn't have attractive options for the interment of cremated remains.

We offer options in a setting that is welcoming, calm, appealing to the eye. As the word "Gardens" appears in our name, we hope to have many flowers and shrubs with seating areas where family members can visit, read if they wish, or meditate in comfort and enjoy their surroundings.


Year Month Event
2006 Spring Initial gate construction
2007 Sept 28 A Board of Directors was formed and the Oromocto Pioneer Gardens Cemetery Company Inc. was Incorporated on September 28, 2007. This is a Community Cemetery serving all denominations. The Company is a non-profit, self-sustaining, volunteer run organization.
2007 Nov Installation of main Columbaria Units (Area B)
2007 Nov The Columbarium Garden was started with the installation of five units in Area B
2008 June The Cemetery was open for sales
2008 July First internment took place
2008 Sept. 18 Official Opening Ceremony was held
2009 June Installation of main Field of Honour Columbarium (Area C)
2010 Aug Gate masonry work
2011 Oromocto Pioneer Gardens - Granite Sign
2011 Flag pole for Field of Honour
2011 Installation of curbing phase 1
2011 Summer Relocation of original Maintenance shed
2011 Public awareness event at the Oromocto Mall
2011 Entrance iron works and gate installed
2012 LPF donation presentation for Field of Honour
2013 Installation of curbing phase II
2014 Field of Honour Monument
2015 May Planting of trees on the berm
2016 May 15 1st Annual Memorial Service
2016 Additions to (Area C) Field of Honour Columbarium
2016 July Dedication of Cliff Sanford’s Quiet Corner
2016 July New maintenance shed
2017 June 11 2nd Annual Memorial Service
2018 June Quiet Area Wall
2018 June 24 3rd Annual Memorial Service
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