3rd Annual Memorial Service 24 June 2018

The Third Annual Memorial Service was held June 24, 2018, the weather was warm and sunny. There was a sparse but attentive gathering for the service. Invited guests included LCol Patrick McLaughlan, CO of Operational Services Gagetown and Master Warrant Officer Steven Hart both representing 5th Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown also Oromocto Town Mayor Robert Powell and MLA Jeff Carr. Participants included members of Oromocto Branch No.93 RCL who provided the Colour Party, Piper John Hann and Trumpeter Pops Godfrey also participated in the service. RCL NB Command President, Comrade John Ladouceur, read the Act of Remembrance. Both Mayor Powell and MLA Jeff Carr took the opportunity to address the attendees and spoke about the significance, and beauty of the Pioneer Gardens Cemetery and congratulated the volunteer committee on their dedication and hard work to maintain the beautiful state of the cemetery.

Attendees were provided with the opportunity to view the recently constructed Allan Wall on the front edge of the Quiet Area following the service.

A special thanks goes to Rev. Keith Howlett who at the last moment volunteered to stand in for Rev. Canon Walter Williams who had another engagement and could not celebrate this service. Thanks also to our volunteer directors who attended and assisted with the service.

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